Resume Wars

As if all the new technology we have available isn't enough to get you within reach of a headhunter, now we have to get through a new gatekeeper:  A keyword resume search.  Check this out:

It's enough to make you want to stop looking for another job.  It used to be important to have a professional looking resume, and there were always various formats professional resume writers' devised to get your resume  in front of  recruiters.  Now we have to deal with a mechanical recruiter!  If your keywords are not selected carefully, you're out of luck!

That just stinks.  So if you haven't gotten a bite on your resume in two years, now you know why.

I sometimes wish I were back in the Victorian Age.  No kidding.  Things were so much simpler back then.  Now, multi-tasking isn't enough when you take on a new position.  You are required to be able to stick a broom up your fanny and sweep the floor at the same time!

So you're not a contortionist?  Then get out of the job market.

I don't think employers can afford the luxury of looking for talent anymore.  That is way too extravagant for the skimpy budgets.    Here is what you need to know and do:

  • Handle as much as is thrown at you on a day-day-basis with an "I can do it!" attitude and smile
  • Be prepared to take on your job and your coworkers' jobs when they don't show up for work
  • Willing take a 25% pay cut when your hired because there are a lot of people who want this job
  • Prepare to work 60 hours a week without any bonuses because we need to bring up the bottom line
  • Be happy you have benefits, forget about your $200 deductible on your insurance
  • Go and take an "anything" job (which I did) to be able to eat and get no benefits
I believe if you want to make it in business you need to work for yourself today.  Employers are offering way too little and expect too much.

After all, you can always take a walk or finish early when you need a break.

Looking for a job in today's market is like putting a house up for sale, and it not getting an offer in a year.

Sometimes it is better to take the house off the market until the economy improves.

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