My Moments

I have had my "moments."  Those little spaces in time, etched in my mind that I will never forget.

Here are some samples:

  • my first kiss
  • my first boyfriend and what he wore when I met him at a teen dance
  • my first boyfriend's wake after serving in Vietnam
  • my wedding
  • giving birth to my first child
  • giving birth to my second child
  • feeling old on my 30th birthday
  • seeing Ireland for the first time
  • my father on his death bed
  • my  mother on her death bed
  • the first house I owned
  • the house I grew up in
  • seeing the Beatles in Jacksonville
The list goes on and on...but I remember so much more, those special moments in time uniquely my own.

These memories never fade, but seem to reappear more frequently with age.  Maybe it is like dying, and going through the proverbial tunnel.  I suppose I am supposed to remember the incidents that make up a lifetime.

There are those that say life begins with today.  Many, refuse to look back, just forward- or better- just live in the moment.  I am far too traditional for that kind of thinking.  

We all have our "moments."  Everyone has them, many paint them, others' talk about them.
We are share our "moments" differently.

I am bothered by the moments I have forgotten, but delight when somebody asks "do you remember when..." and I suddenly remember something I forgot.  More troubling, when someone asks do you remember so and so and I CAN'T remember...ugh....that gets very awkward.

That is the great thing about writing, as difficult as it is - you establish your very own personal memories- lest you forget.

I am happy I could share a couple of my own with you.

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