Five Years in Limbo

As 2015 draws to a close, I reflect back on what has been a banner year.  I went through limbo for 5 years, working in a job that paid my bills;  but didn't make my heart sing.  That all changed in November, 2014.  I was offered a terrific opportunity but there was a caveat:  I had to commute an hour and a half (50 miles one way) to get to the position.  What was a girl to do?

Take it of course!  I have this itty-bitty habit of second guessing myself, how would I manage the snow, the commute, would I have time for me, would I get sick of the drive.  The thoughts came flooding through.  I am happy to report that I made that commute for 8 months.  As I was renting in Longmont, Colorado, I was free to look for a home in Denver.  I then spent months looking for the perfect setting, close to my new job.

I decided with rent skyrocketing in Colorado, I was going to buy.  I was beat out by multiple offers, and soon became discouraged.  However, in August, 2015 I finally got an accepted offer and moved in on September lst.  So, here we go, two cherished dreams were already fulfilled.

It gets better yet.  My daughter was married in September, 2015.  So after only being in my home for less than one year, I was off to Connecticut for another milestone, witnessing my little girl get married.  I should also share that I walked her down the aisle.  I was in hog heaven.

Does that make it three cherished dreams fulfilled?  To top off the year's end, I got a last minute call from my son Nicholas, he wasn't going to visit for Christmas, but he surprised me and arrived in Colorado on December 23rd.

The point of what I want to share is this:  I felt like Job in the Bible, setback after setback, for almost 10 years.  I was beginning to wonder if there as a curse on me.  I didn't stop my daily prayer, and I asked God daily for what I wanted.  He didn't answer me, and thought I would never get out of the black hole, but, as you can see;  everything good came to me, I just had to wait.

One of the best qualities I have been gifted is tenaciousness.  I just won't take no for answer.  I fight, I struggle, I wine, but like the Canadian Mounted Police, I get my man!

What is your deepest dream?  What are you waiting for?  If you keep visualizing what you want, I promise you it will  manifest.  Keep up the prayers, and hope.

Yes, miracles do happen.  I know, it happened to me.

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