New World Trade Center Renews Hope

I get ready for work with the news on.  Today was no exception.  What I heard today made me proud to be an American.  The new World Trade Center  stands erect, at 1250 feet.  Not quite finished yet, but the steel frames are up- the windows are installed- and it is slowly nearing completion.  The estimate is it will take another year to complete. Images WTC Construction

My eyes welled up with tears when I heard that two of the construction foremen witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center.  They explained how proud they are to be working on the new Tower.  

I can't forget that catastrophic day.  I kept thinking, how could this be happening?  The sky was so blue, contrasted by a sinister black cloud of smoke; as America witnessed the destruction of  these  landmark buildings.'  I remember thinking this was worse than any disaster movie,  a bottomless sense of evil.  

So many unsuspecting people, lost amid the dust and debris;  fireman, police men, their dogs, scrambling to rescue - and finally identify - the last morsels of life.  

New York City has always been my favorite city.  I associate it with the arts, culture, finest restaurants, most posh hotels. 

After 9/11, all that changed.  The city took on a grey color.  That happy feeling I used to get when thinking of New York never came back.  It lost its' glamour.   All I could think of, was that sad moment in history.  Something you can't ever forget.  Something you never wanted to witness in a lifetime.

Seeing the new building go up gives me a renewed sense of hope.  I am starting to get that good feeling back about the city.  I am now letting myself think about all things New York that I love.

The theaters, museums, shopping, fine restaurants, the brisk pace of walking down 5th Avenue, the Macy's Parade.  

I know I will never forget what happened. I don't think I want to forget.

To begin to heal is a welcomed feeling.  I can now watch the new World Trade Center during the year, with 

Looking at the clear, blue sky again shining on the new Tower is a  promising beginning.

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