Is This The Place I'm Supposed to Be?

Imagine you have a dream.  It is the goal you've sought for years,  and it finally comes true.  Then, in an instant, you realize it is not what you want.

This has been the course I have been on for the past 6 months.  I feel I am stuck, but shouldn't move forward.  I have not been able to complete my endeavors, for one reason or another.

The biggest issue:  personal time.  I am finding out, as a baby boomer, I need to pick and chose very carefully.  One poor decision could alter my life dramatically.

I have a hard time sitting still, and am very impulsive.  Maybe I need to learn to really have a come to God talk with myself and find out what I think I want is really what I want.  I am at a loss for the moment.

I have had amazing opportunities come my way in the past few months.'  I have turned all of them down.

I think I want more, and when I get it, I am compelled to turn these opportunities down.

Finances certainly play a part.  However, when I had a chance to earn more, I struggled with the lack of balance I would have in my life.   I passed.  How dare I pass up a career opportunity in this market?  Am I nuts?

Then on the housing front, consider the next scenario:  I found two dream houses that I wanted.  One of which would have been perfect, but I was uncomfortable with the financial commitment and did not accept the counter offer.

How am I feeling?  Frustrated.  I am beating myself up.  What the heck am I doing? Or not doing?

Have you ever been stuck?  I found it easier to take risks in the past, but now the thought paralyzes me.  I am not so quick to follow through on life altering decisions as I have been in the past.

So, I sit, and wait, and wonder; is this the place I am supposed to be?  Is there more out there for me?  Should I just pack it in and give up?

I just can't decide.  You know what?  I hate this indecision, it is weak, and mentally compromising.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about being stuck.  On the the flip side, maybe it is a time of renewal, and this do nothing feeling is helping me evaluate my life's path.

I just know I want to get out of neutral soon.

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