The Road Less Travel

The holidays went by with a blink of an eye.  I didn't particularly enjoy this holiday season, as I was ensconced with a job offer I had received and accepted- but did not start.  The job was a wonderful opportunity for me.  Or at least so I thought at the moment.

So, why is it I didn't take this job?  It was a step forward on the career ladder.  It promised a better salary, and potential to earn much more.  I was lost in the excitement of accepting the offer, but I didn't do enough research on the job itself.

It involved a considerable commute, and out of town training.  Hmmmm.  travel, you know that old expression "to thine own self be true." 

 I have a hard time being honest with myself.  If I were, I would have realized that I don't travel well.

 I have issues with this.  I don't handle change exceptionally well either.  I could blame it on age, but the truth is I have always been this way.

I am highly creative, sensitive, productive .  Unfortunately, the flip side of me is not so appealing.  I have always had to attend corporate conventions throughout my career.  However,  I \ had a spouse or travel companion to take along, so home was always with me on an unconventional level.

 At this juncture of my life, I live alone and have responsibilities I did not have before.

 I have an older dog, that I adore.  He is not doing very well, and it would mean leaving him for time without me that he has earned as my loyal companion.  I also have a loud, obnoxious parrot, that does not cotton to strangers caring for him in my absence.

I wish I could just shrug this off, but I can't these guys are 'family' to me.  

So back to the job offer; it would mean my working occasional evenings, getting home at no earlier than 7 pm, and little time to balance my home life.

  Shame on me for not evaluating all these issues initially.

Remember, I was was caught up in finally finding professional work, and said 'yes' before I looked at the fine print.

So, doing the unthinkable, I said no before I was to leave for corporate training.  This does not get you on the corporate hit list, for sure.

I don't have an answer, but I suppose I need to own up to the fact that at this point of my life, I want to work close to home.  Because, despite all the glitz and glamour of the corporate world, I realize what is really important to me.  Instead of criticizing what I can't do, I prefer to focus on what I can do.

And so, as I turn another page of my life, I am continually discovering and uncovering the 'real' me.  

Sometimes distasteful, but always the truth.  I don't know how many other wonderful career opportunities I will have.

I always entertain the idea that I can make them happen myself.

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  1. The blessing at this age is that we know ourselves. & what we want. Setting limits:a good thing!