What do you bring to the table?


I had a wonderful weekend.  Something very nice happened to me this weekend, I was invited to a lovely dinner at a neighbor's house.  Because I had made plans, prior to accepting this invitation with a friend, I was going to bow out of attending this fun, Tex-Mex dinner.

My neighbor encouraged me to invite my friend, and so, I extended the invitation to him on behalf of my neighbor.

The dinner was a feast, there were casseroles, guacamole, taco shells, soft taco's ground beef - hot salsas of every color and variety.  I was drowning myself in queso and loving all the hot, spicy flavors at this festive dinner.

It was to be a combined birthday dinner party for another neighbor, who apparently was ill and could not attend.  Never mind, the red-velvet cupcakes were made - and enjoyed,- I had a ball downing three of them!

I brought a big pitcher of sangria which was graciously accepted by the hostess.  My friend arrived and explained he had just come from work.  I was a bit miffed that he arrived empty handed.

Okay folks, how many times has this happened to you?  You prepare a lovely dinner, and guests arrive without so much as a "can I bring something along" for you.

Sorry, but being from the old school, I think it is cheap and distasteful- not to mention thoughtless at the lowest level.

 I always said, I wouldn't date a man that was so self-absorbed that he would have the nerve to show up empty handed at a dinner party.

They are out there, for sure!  The fact that the women in their lives have always done this duty is not an excuse.

I have an  real estate client who attached himself to my family.  just like clock work, he attends every holiday dinner.

In eight years, he is just now asking if he can bring something;  I got so disgusted that I finally assigned him something to bring.  And, even when asked,, he makes it a point to get the cheapest, least expensive wine on the market.

Perhaps I am out of line, you think.

Guests shouldn't have to bring anything.  I agree, they don't have to bring a thing to the table.

 But shame on them when they don't.

How much trouble is it to stop at a grocery store, and bring just one rose? or some wild flowers that you picked in your own garden?

A thought and gesture of appreciation.

If you think this thoughtless behavior is limited to the uneducated, think again.  Although, I must admit, I see it happening mostly with men.  It seems women have always taken care of this for them.  I don't think it is a good excuse, regardless.

What do you think?  Am I out of line? Do you share my attitude that these folks are free-loading cads?

I  bet you won't show at your next dinner party empty-handed.  I know you at the very least query your hostess, about what you can bring.

And when she says, not a thing,

 do her one better and bring her a little something to show your appreciation for going to the trouble and expense of sharing a lovely meal with you.

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