Common Sense Or Business Genius?

Medicinal Cannabis User

I spoke with a family member today. We discussed mutual friends and business acquaintances. Specifically, the multitude of people trying to jump on the bandwagon in selling medical marijuana. It seems many of the folks out there that have licenses are looking for a get-rich quick business venture; these people are unlikely to have a health-care background.

The venture is a quick way to make a dollar.

The federal government frequently places new restrictions on medical marijuana licensees'. It seems to me that this is a risky venture on  many levels

However, there are people that are going ahead anyway, despite the risk that they may be headed into a manhole. I understand there is no gain if there is no risk.  The thought of loosing the investment money would make me more than uneasy.

The line of thought is: "make money and get out quick." I, for one, do not understand the logic.

There are so many brilliant people in the world that cannot make it in business. These same people may struggle with how to tie their shoelaces.

I believe to be successful in business one has to be "street smart."  as well.  It is being to look at the whole picture, not the immediate future.  Being able to objectively weigh the risks and benefits.  I am convinced this takes a special skill set.

Common sense, is part of this ingredient.

A simple analogy:

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Correct? I guess I couldn't figure that out, as I have been entering my apartment complex the same way for 5 years.  Not only that, but when visitors call on me I carefully navigate them to the gate, give them my code, and explain they have to make this turn at this point, and another turn at that point. Ten minutes later, they still can't find me and are frustrated.

One day a friend was riding home with me and asked; “Why are you going in that gate? Let's take this other entrance to get to your building.” Why? I thought to myself. I never take that gate. My apartment is east of the entrance, so my natural inclination is to go to the entrance to the right. The point is his recommendation took me right to my front door, no twists, turns, maneuvers.

 WHY couldn’t I figure that one out?

Just common sense, I suppose.

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