What Do You Do Best? Are You Doing It Now?

I am doing battle with myself.  I continue to beat myself up because I haven't met my software skills goal.

Woody Allen in Midnight in Paris
Woody Allen: Midnight in Paris - Sony Picture Classics 2011
In reading a Wall Street Journal article about Woody Allen, he talked about how he avoids anything mechanical, even depicting his characters using typewriters instead of word processors, the car he owns but doesn't drive:  Older Mellower, But Still Woody.

It never occurred to me that I could GIVE myself permission not to be an expert in everything technical.

I continue to challenge myself to keep up with the software programs in a quickly evolving market.  I understand the world turns because of Apple and Microsoft.  To be ignorant is not an  option.  After all, I am working  in a technical position (for which I received 6 weeks training I might add).

Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks!  

A light went on after ingesting what Woody said.  Of course I am not comparing myself to him, but it is so easy to be caught up in the "I shoulds" that we can lose one's sense of self.

This is where I am at now.

The artist side of me wants to drop out, take each day as it comes, and do whatever is of interest.  The business and practical side says, "oh yeah, and then what?"  It is not only because of income requirements, as I know I would be bored if I wasn't working.

 More importantly, I would not be happy if I were not continuing to learn.

Courageous people don't worry about how they are going to make a living; they believe that everything will take care of itself if they are doing what they love.

They are definitely on to something.

I have always equated success with working in a corporate world.  As I grow older, I  have noticed a tendency to look at things more honestly- sans the ego- sans the money.

The biggest disservice  we can do to ourselves is compare our station in life to others.

 I am so guilty of this. 

 I just can't get it through my head that I am different than everybody else.  This falls under the beat myself up category.

So what it it you do best?  Are you doing it now?  And if not, why not?

What can change to make that a possibility?  

I am still working on the solution.

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