Birthday Reflections

By Sandratrala

 Paul McCartney's lyrics from "It's Just Another Day"  are going through my head:
slipping into stockings- stepping into shoes- dipping in the pocket of her raincoat....          It's just another day.... at the office where the papers grow she takes a break...
I do feel positive today, it being my birthday.  My desk at work is beautifully adorned with all the tinsel and cards, and I was welcomed with a breakfast burrito by my co-workers.

How thoughtful!

Although tonight will be spent quietly with my Great Pyrenees and parrot.

 Do I have to go out to have a good time?

I will do this Saturday when I don't have to get up in the morning.

Up until very recently, birthdays' were a big deal for me.  Not at all about the gifts, but the coming together with friends' and family- to enjoy the warmth of love and endearing friendships and fond memories.

These days, much of my family is gone, and the rest live out of town.   So it is, with adding another birthday notch to my belt, I think about the future with hope and optimism.

The first thing I did this morning, was thank God for my many gifts, health, friends, home.  Although, I struggle with the positive;  I have much to be thankful for.

Ever notice how easy it is to look around and think that everyone has it better?

The truth is, I am very, very lucky.

The past year has had its' disappointments.   However, it was a tremendous growth opportunity.  Let's see, here are some tough events:

  • I loved and lost
  • It is the second year I've lived alone- something I swore I could never do
  • Despite my efforts, I didn't find the dream job

If I had found my dream job, assuming it did not involve writing, I wouldn't have put as much effort into my blog.  Writing to me is like breathing, when I finish an entry or story; I feel invigorated - reborn and elated.

Relative to what's important in life, I would say my disappointments do not outweigh the positive events. I suppose I have come to the realization that birthdays' may be overrated.  

But for sentimental slobs like me, they are still important. I will continue to take inventory, and look at my goals as challenges that I welcome for personal growth.

And while this birthday may not be the most memorable, I look at it this way;

I am still around to talk about it.

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