Long Live The Queen

Official Website for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

"We want the Queen!"   Hundreds of thousands' of Britons' shouting out in celebration of the Queen's Diamond  Jubilee, following the St Paul's service and carriage procession.  There she stands, in all her glory, having proudly served her British subjects for 60 years.

It is pure excitement to me.  As I hobble through my charges at work today, I can't help but sneak a peek at Reuter's live coverage.

Across the pond, we are struggling with volatile stocks, an uncertain economy, bantering about the upcoming presidential election.  While the British have a far more laid back attitude about priorities.

They comment about how proud they are of their Queen.  The Queen who wasn't supposed to be Queen.  But because of a twist of fate when Edward abdicated from the crown, she was put in line for her remarkable journey.

 It is a privilege to have witnessed her spectacular reign.  The ups and downs of wearing the crown, watching her graciously welcome everyone from commoners to celebrities at Buckingham Palace;  she has met just about every foreign dignitary, with no signs of slowing down.

Only Queen Victoria has served as long.  How lucky I am to be living at a time when I can share in this history. After all, we are a part of Britain although perhaps much removed.  It is refreshing to see the color, the pomp and circumstance, and to look back at her reign.

I can remember Prince Charles, when he was still a boy, and all I could remember about him was that his ears stuck out!  Then came his adolescence, his partying era, thinking he would never marry. I adored the Queen Mother, the way she dressed, the colors and her kindly, sweet face.  Then, Along came Diana, the births' of  Prince William and Harry, and the rest, as they say is history.

It is wonderful watching her splendid grandson, William, come of age.  He is fortunate to have a Grandmother whom he can have as his mentor.

There is a new generation of royals' that the world will be watching with interest and wonder.  For Queen Elizabeth, she shows no signs of waning, and I hope to see her waving at her subjects on that balcony for many more decades.

After all, she is our Queen Elizabeth too.

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