Desperate Times...Desperate Means

I just spoke to someone who is going to market medical marijuana.  According to this individual, it is "an effective way to generate income and fulfill a need."  I must admit, I would have never thought of that one.

But I suppose desperate times creates desperate means.  The government is still calling this a "recession,"  for my money, (or the lack of) I say it is a full-blown recession.  I can't remember a market like this in all my life.

I have been thinking about moving to other markets, like...maybe Alaska?  how many people could be looking for jobs there?  Or, how about Newfoundland?...I know people don't live there for the sun and fun.  Although the walruses and sea otters aren't complaining.

I wish I could be worrying about global warming instead.  It made great cocktail conversation.  As a baby boomer, I wasn't much on PLANNING.  I can remember my mother's friends always telling me as a young woman "put your money away!."  Me?  put money away?  Why, I was married to a very successful C.P.A., I felt it was a ridiculous suggestion at 35.  It doesn't sound so ridiculous today.

I could always take a "trip up the hill" to Blackhawk and try my luck.

 I am really not a gambling woman at heart.

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