A White Christmas

It has been awhile since we've enjoyed a white Christmas.   I'm loving every minute of it.

What enjoyment I find in baking and cooking my favorite sweets,  marveling at the beautiful blanket of white everywhere!

The smell of gingerbread and chocolate envelope me with a warm, inviting smell; while my pine-scented Angel candles fill my living room.

During the summer, a neighbor and I watched squirrels gather branches, laboring up and down a plush, green tree outside my window while building a nest.  We patiently watched that production for over a hour, amazed at the intricacy of their work.

 I  look outside,  my eyes glance at the nest, it stands there today -the squirrels are nowhere in sight- icicles dangling from snow-covered branches. A stark contrast to the empty nest.

A noisy flock of birds signal their flight over head.  They form a perfect "A" formation as they pass.

Billy Bob Thornton's "Bad Santa" is on the flat screen and all is well within my world...

I'm at peace....at least for just today.

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