It's Almost Christmas..

I am sorry to say, that it is not very Merry.  I know that I am not alone in my thinking.  Many of us are struggling through the holidays.  How I hate to bring you down.  It becomes harder and harder to be happy when one does not have an income.

I have spent time reflecting on happiness.  Whoever said that happiness has nothing to do with money is not being completely honest.

 Okay, I have reflected on my spirituality, and I am "giving back" as best as one can that is in my position. My mother used to say that I had a penchant for "dragging every stray cat and dog home" as a child.  Not much has changed.  Oh, except now I am that stray cat or dog!

I have been told that life has cycles.  I think I have been through the presoak, wash, rinse and dry cycles.

Think I am ready for a change.  But the one thing that I do have is wonderful friends.  This is a constant in my life, and it is true that friendship is a cooling salve on a burning heart. It has soothed my wounds during tough times.

One of my other "bright spots"  in my life is my Great Pyrenees "Pepe",  he truly is the light of my life.  This morning I ran him through our knee-high snow and enjoyed the beauty of the crystals reflecting off the barren trees and rooftops.  It was untouched and fresh, as soft as a newborn babe.  The mountains looked like huge white chocolate ice-cream cones.  The sky is crystal-clear and bright blue this morning.

It reminds me of the light and brightness of Christmas. 

Once again:  Did I mention why I love living in Boulder? 

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