"If a Tree is Cut Down in the Forest"....

You know the old adage:  "If a tree is cut down in the forest and it falls and nobody hears it..."

This is how I am feeling about my blog.  Ah yes, it's marvelous to have a blog and be connected with the universe.  Did I say connected to the universe?  Wait a minute.  Let's see, will anybody find me?  Have I chosen the best blogging platform? 

I am now linked to Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google and scores of other web sites.  This wonderful venue we call social media is not very different from any other marketing strategy or medium.  One must know how to navigate to be heard.  It's like that tree in the forest syndrome, if it falls and nobody hears it.

I am expecting an exciting journey. While I may go off course initially, I know that getting there will be educational and interesting.

As I amble along the internet highway, I am going to share with you what I learn.  I hope you can share with me too.

Who said "you can't teach an old dog new tricks?"

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