"We have received your application for the position of Marketing Manager-. Unfortunately at this point in time we are unable to place you in this position at this location"

Whew!  how many of these have you received? I don't know what your track record is, but I could decorate a wall with them.  Purists will tell you it is always best to go in person to deliver a resume.  That can also backfire and make one a pest.

So, the count down has begun.  The New Year is almost here.  I have also given myself a deadline of March to find "the job" or a "job."  At that time, I will call for a course adjustment.

Truth is, I would love to go back into Real Estate.  But Real Estate has start-up costs, big time.  The sphere of influence I had is history at this point.

They say life goes in cycles,  Iwait to see which way the tide will flow in 2010.  In the meantime:

 I will keep posted!

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