Cruise Lines Need to Beef Up Emergency Training

I have always loved being on a cruise.  To me, it is the ultimate in complete relaxation.  I don't have an phobias about being out at sea, or getting sea sick.

Lately, I have become skeptical about the safety in cruising.  Especially after reading this:Carnival Cruise Sued for "Party Atmosphere" That Allegedly Led to Woman's Death

First the Costa Cruise Line capsizes because of an out-to-lunch captain, who ran his ship aground because he was distracted by his mistress.  Now, Carnival Cruise Lines is being sued because an intoxicated woman slices her wrist on glass and bleeds to death.

Both incidents' make me nervous.  While they are rate instances, both point to staff that is clueless.  The lawsuit filed by the family of the woman that died on the Carnival cruise, alleges the staff was not trained to deal with this emergency.  The woman bled out, and suffered a coronary after being taken to the ship's infirmary.

In the Costa Cruise Line incident, poor leadership and procedures led to the death of  28 of its' more than 4,200 passengers.  Four passengers' are still unaccounted: for :More Bodies Found On Costa Cruise Ship.

I don't have that warm an cozy feeling about safety and cruising anymore.  To me, it was like being inside a womb, safe, with every comfort imaginable.  The reality is, with the construction of monster ships, safety has not been properly addressed.

The reality is every passenger is responsible for himself.  It is clear that passengers' cannot expect to rely on the expertise of cruise staff or even the captain.

I would like to hear or read that cruise lines are seriously addressing this issue.  It would be comforting to learn that one of companies has initiated intensive training and on going drills to prepare for emergencies.

The fact is, these events would not stop me from taking a cruise.  But you can bet that I will prepare myself by checking out the life boats and become familiar with the ship should I make this venture.

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