Obamacare Not So Attractive

Okay, I admit the package is attractive, health care for everyone, pre-existing conditions are covered, sounds wonderful, right?

Truth is, there are more nuances to the package for students at Franciscan University; a Catholic college in Steubenville, Ohio. Catholic Students Take A Hit Because Of Obamacare

Because of the position of the church on right-to life issues, students will lose their health insurance with the University.  The position of of the University is this: They will not participate in a plan that requires us to violate the consistent teachings of the Catholic Church on the sacredness of life.

The socialized medical plan would require the University to up the the maximum coverage for each student to $100,000.  Students' now paying $600.00 for coverage will have to now pay $1200.00.   So, the University opted out of a student health plan altogether

How sad for students.'   However, as a Catholic myself, I understand.  The college was backed into a corner.  I can see how people would disagree with my view.  However, even if the University did agree to cover contraception and abortion costs, the plan is not flawless as costs to students' will still be exorbitant.

I believe that if this glitch is already effecting Catholic Universities, how will it impact American citizens.

Obviously, someone has to pay for extended coverage and pre-existing conditions.  It all looks good, but how easy will this be facilitated?  This has always been an issue for me with socialized medicine.  While it is very attractive, there a numerous draw backs to the plan: Obamacare: Disadvantages

Other issues include:
  • quality of health care
  • co-pay expenses for extended or pre-existing coverage
  • difficulty in getting appointments
  • waiting time for emergency care 
All that glitters' is not gold.  So much of this  is a pipe dream.  I'll admit, Initially I was on the bandwagon, excited about the roll-out.  But with every positive in social medicine there are two or more negatives. 

The reason we love America so much is because of the quality of life in this country.  Americans' never have to compromise when it came to getting premium health care.  This is why people all over the world have come to our country to get treatment for serious health issues.

With that said,  each of us has to examine what issues are important to us.  More important:  We need to examine the package offered by Obamacare.

Is this plan really everything we were promised?

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