Another Surprise from Suleman

Oy Vey- Nadya Suleman is at it again....this time in the buff.  I have to hand it to her, she can find her way out of the tightest spots.  So, the story is she needed $10,000 to rent her new home. Ocotomom Nadya Suleman Topless and Nearly Nude.

What's a girl to do?  This girl said she wouldn't date until her children have all reached 18- has found yet another way to generate the income she needs to keep afloat.  The mother of 14 says she is proud of the way she looks, and  she knows she is beautiful and "doesn't need a man to tell her so."

Nadya, who doesn't own a scale, says she "never looked this good."  I'll say.  I don't know too many people that look "this good". According to Nadya, she never diets and eats what she wants (does she even have TIME to eat?)

I have a different take on Suleman.  I think she is brilliant, far smarter than most of us want to believe.  She has her gimmick,  and is doing very well marketing herself.  Say what you will, she is a survivor.  Just when we think Nadya is going away, she rebounds bigger and better.

Pardon the pun.

I watched her on a segment on Dr. Drew recently.  She was obviously wound up, her speech was so rapid he had to hold her hand to calm her down.  Apparently, she had studied psychiatry, and was bantering around different psychiatric conditions with Drew.

Having created her own 'scout troupe', she was able to get sponsors to provide nannies for her children, get her a home, as well as negotiate a television series.  She quickly got rid of all the nannies, and took on the task herself.

Additionally, she made the rounds on the talk show circuit. Not bad for a stay at home mother, who has garnered national attention when she found out she was going to give birth to 10 children, (with four already at home).

Prior to this, she was taking on clients' as a private trainer. Apparently, being a private trainer couldn't earn her $10,000 in enough time to find herself a new residence.  

She is quirky, and we love that.  You can't help but want to watch her and see what she's up to.  She has that surprise element like Madonna.

She knows exactly what she is doing, and will have no trouble reinventing herself in the future.

It certainly helps that she is drop-dead gorgeous and sexy.

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