Have You Thought of Becoming a College Professor?

It has happened to more than a few professionals.  You reach a time when you look back at your career, and say "what's this all about?"  You ask yourself if you have fulfilled your dreams.  Maybe you have been out in the cold too long, and haven't found a job that makes your heart sing- and you're not ready to settle.

Why not entertain teaching college? Dream Jobs: Harvard Professor.

Many colleges today do not require you to have taken Education as major in college, but will look at your professional track record to see what you have done for the business.  When I was in my thirties, and I was tending my children at home, I was offered a Marketing and Advertising teaching position at an art college.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.   It was fresh- the students breathed new life into me- and I felt inspired every day after class.

Since I have been kicking around ideas - about creative alternatives to finding work- in a challenged market, this is an obvious suggestion.  Teaching will amaze you.

 It amazed me when I gave my students their final project:  I grouped them into teams of five, and had them create a marketing plan for a company.  Since they were art students', the graphics were a given, and I was delighted in what they presented for their final project.

I learned so much.  It was elating to see the enthusiasm in the faces of students.'

More importantly, I  created a spark  for future careers'. These students' had created their first formal project for their portfolios.  It was exciting to see them evolve during the semester.

What do you do really well?  How long have you been working in the business?  Maybe it is time to take a look at sharing that knowledge .

It is a pro-active way of reinventing yourself.  I know you, too, will be delightfully surprised when you find out how much you know.

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