Not so "Comcastic"

I am doing battle with Comcast this week.  Seems that if I don't monitor my monthly bill, Comcast invents new ways to raise the price on me.

The History:   When I moved to my existing residence ( one year or so ago), I was offered a triple bundle price of $ 119.00 a month, not including my taxes.   My bill should be $130.00 a month, which is was for the first year.  Less than two months' ago, I saw that the bill had now gone up to $150.00. Upon calling Comcast, the conversation went like this:

   "Yes, you signed up for the Triple bundle price, but, that did not include your additional equipment charges for your DVR, and your Service Plan Protection. " "Okay", I say, "so my oral contract for two years didn't include these charges?""  No, it did not.  That $119.00 price just includes the triple package price, without the tax or additional equipment."  "Was that disclosed in the oral contract agreement?"  Long pause.  "You are still getting your triple bundle price of $119.00. "  "Okay, I will cancel my equipment then."  
To which, the rep replies:

"If you pay this month's charges, I will adjust your future bills back to the $130.00 price,   including the tax, and you can keep your equipment. 
Hmmmm...something fishy this way smells...

In short, I agreed, (reluctantly) to do this.  Not more than two months' pass and I get another bill, now for $143.00.

"I am calling to dispute my bill.  I went through this drill with you two months' ago, when I got a bill for $150.00.  Please check your recorded conversation with me."  Pause.  "You were sent a recent notification explaining the increase."  "Excuse me, but I have an oral contract with you for two years."  "That does not include the increase on your Service Protection Plan, or your equipment."
Now is this a racket or what?

 I threaten to discontinue  my service, I am taking my business to Century Link, I threaten to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

"This is dishonest dealing, I have been through this two times with you already.   Check your records."  "Ma'am, you are still getting the triple bundle price agreed on of $119.00.  But, the Service Protection Plan went from $2.99 a month to $4.99 a month".   "Alright, then if we add the extra two dollars, then my bill should be $132.00 a month.  Why am I getting billed for $143.00? " You didn't add in the tax," she replies.  
"Why don't we drop the Service Protection, plan then?" suggests the rep.
Whew, this is too much brain damage for me.   I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.   This is another way for businesses to take advantage of customers.    If I want to keep this wonderful triple bundle, do I have to baby sit Comcast if I want to remain a customer?

I suppose "contracts" mean nothing. For certain, the oral contracts, anyway.

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