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I received an email today from my sister that I just had to share: Blessings for You.

I know you will enjoy seeing this as much as I did.  It seems appropriate because tomorrow is St, Patrick's Day.

Even though we may not be genetically Irish, we are all "Irish" on St. Paddy's Day.  Ever since I was a wee bit of a girl, I wanted to see Ireland.  I lived, slept, and ate everything Irish.

I was determined that someday I would take the puddle jump to the Emerald Isle.

I got to fulfill my wish in 2001, and then again in 2003.   Ireland was everything I had imagined and more. On the plane, I was seated next to a gentlemen from County Cork .  He was cordial enough to offer me his complimentary airline cocktail, entertaining me with Irish history and lore.

Here is what I saw from the plane- just when we were about to land:
National Geographic
I swore that I was Alice, and had gone through the looking glass, as this was the most beautiful scenery; so lush and untouched.  It was beyond green, with a magical and spiritual ambiance.

Landing in Shannon, I was greeted by a smiling Irishman, who would be my guide for my 10 day stay.

He had this wonderful Irish brogue. Everything you have ever heard about the Irish is true.

They have this little glimmer in the eye, a lovable little bit of of larceny, sprinkle in a dash of feisty, and utterly sentimental and loving.

From the day I arrived - to the day I departed - I felt at home.  If one should loose their way on a street, at least five people will stop to help you!  I can't imagine that happening in the States.

There is a sense of calm, adding to the welcoming aura.

Primarily a rural county, once outside of Dublin, you see farm animals everywhere.  I particularly loved seeing the sheep surround our car as we drove into the quaint little towns.  They have distinctive fluorescent colors on them, so each farmer can identify his own.

Going to Ireland was one of the top ten wishes I had on my life wish list.  I breathed a sigh of relief,  having been privileged to be welcomed by this great country and its' people.

Having been there two times, one would think I had my fill.  Actually, I swore to myself I would return every year thereafter.  Life got in the way, and I did not return.  I think about going back all the time, and pray that I will see Ireland again.  Because there is just one thing I didn't get to see:

The "little people".

There wasn't a Leprechaun is sight.

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