When One Dies, Thousands' Left in Their Place

While looking over my Facebook page, I saw this today.  I feel more than awful.   I take so much for granted, it never seems to hit home enough.  It is inconceivable that there are people that suffer this much in the world.  The worst part is, I feel totally helpless.  I am miles away, the money I have to contribute won't change things, but I can write about how I feel- hoping this touches everyone- the way it has touched me.

The child has a smile on his face.  This makes it that much harder.  He doesn't know what the word complain means.  He can't send his steak back in a restaurant because it is over cooked.  A meal is a dream, and whatever food he gets, he won't see again for weeks- maybe a month or more.

Yet I take the air I breathe for granted.  If I don't get to go out to dinner, I feel let down.  The old parent adage that used to circulate, "eat your food on your plate because there are starving children... " never meant anything to me as a child.  Not that it was my fault; because we are so spoiled in this country that it is unlikely we would experience this kind of suffering.

I continue to medicate myself with material things. I look at this picture and it brings clarity to me on the most fundamental level.

Actually, I am ashamed.  When one of these children die, thousands' are left in their place.

I had a boss that once called me a "Miss do-good-er."  Not true.  I never made any great contributions to this world, or have done anything extraordinary.  However, I always try to  help in little ways.  

I  have a heavy heart.  Not that it will make a difference for those that suffer; but I am grateful I was sent this reminder.  

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