Dodging the Cow Dung

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Move Over Tebow

Okay, Pat Bowen and John Elway win.  Peyton Manning is coming to town.  Forgive me for not being overly excited.

I would feel a whole lot better if I heard that Tim Tebow wasn't going to be traded.  But, just as I thought, that's not the case.

I said it before and I'll say it again.  It stinks. Excuse me while I get out of the way of the cow dung.

I can't stand the hype and the superficiality of it all.   Let me blame the media.- after all, they create the sports Gods' don't they?.

Tim Tebow went from the hottest name on Denver's lips now being traded for Peyton Manning.  All inside of three months.'

I am sure wherever Tim goes, he will be a star.  I know he will do so well that he will make us sorry that we gave up so soon.

Tough luck you say.   He will make 40 million instead of 95 million.

If this is love, I want my money back.

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