Mommy My Mouth is Rotting

I am mortified by this article: Tiny Mouths Filled With Rotten Teeth.

While I was preparing for work this morning, I saw the coverage on  Denver Children's Hospital Pediatric Dentistry, with regard to treating scores of children with rotten teeth.

We are talking so rotten that these children have to be put under anesthesia to be treated.  One child had 16 out of 20 teeth worked on; including crowns, baby root canals, and extractions!

Come on parents! What are we feeding these children?

I did not come from a privileged home.  We were solidly middle class, but even then-  my mother always found a way to get me to the dentist.  It is inconceivable to me that children so young already have rotting teeth.

I understand that some children may have certain conditions or genetics that may predispose them to such decay, but not to the extent that has been reported by this hospital.

"We're booked five months out in the OR, and that's three days a week, two rooms a day. And it just keep increasing," said Janine Costantini, ambulatory practice director at Children’s Hospital Colorado. "The more we do the more we need." 
 It is a city-wide epidemic!  If I tried to ruin my children's mouth by feeding them all the candy bars and sugary drinks they wanted, I don't believe I could do this much damage.

Come on people!  do your homework!  I think this is a form of abuse.   It is out and out neglect.  If children go in for dental care- even on a yearly basis- this kind of decay could be avoided.  

For those that are out of work, and have no funding.  No excuse.  This is your child we are talking about.  Take a temp job, or find a government program.  Any other excuse is not acceptable.

Denver residents have been lauded as being among the highest educated in the country?  I don't buy it.

I hope that parents will research where they can get help for their children if funding is an issue.

Here is a number to call for those that need that assistance:

(303) 488-9700

For parents in other cities, google: "low income dental care referral."

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