Dead Man Phone Scam

I received a phone call last night from my son, he is concerned about an incident he is having with his new mobile phone service.

This is one to add to the list of strange and bizarre.  It is out there for sure.

He is able to phone out using his new service.  However, when someone tries to reach him you get the following message:

 "This phone was found on a deceased person.  This is _____ at  the ____ Hospital.  Please call the following number if you have any information on the deceased."

Needless to say, family members were absolutely panic stricken when they received this message.  Unbeknownst to him,  he was curious about why he hadn't received any calls.  When I tried his number, I realized I was at risk - as the offenders' now had a record of my caller ID.

It was obvious to me that this was not a legitimate message.  First of all, no police department would let a wireless company issue that telephone number to another person, while a crime is under investigation.  That was the first red flag.  The second, was asking for the caller to phone another number.  God knows what information can be garnered from simply making the call.  With all our sophisticated technology out there, it is open seasons for criminals.

My son called his wireless provider and reported the incident.  They are researching this now.  I imagine if someone were to call the number provided on the voice mail message, they would get hit with a big, fat charge.

What is next for scammers?

This is most devious attempt to defraud people of money, and the cruelest methodology ever used.

I am wondering if this has happened to you?

It is my hope this will open a forum for discussion as a public service to help educate the public about fraud.

I am willing to share your experiences on my site.

I look forward to your war stories, and would like to expose the "black slime" trying to take us down!


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