Not that excited about J.K. Rowling's new novel

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I am not that excited about what I have read about J.K. Rowling's new book : A Casual Vacancy.  Official Details on J.K. Rowling's New Book.

Maybe because I am not a voracious reader.  Or, more likely, that Harry Potter was a once in a lifetime read for me.  I rarely pick up a book, but when I read Harry Potter, this was truly a unique personal experience.

The latest book is scheduled to hit the UK bookstores September 27th, and as is promoted to adults  as "blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising.” 

The story centers around Barry Fairweather , dying unexpectedly in a little town called Pagford.  The sets the town into a tailspin. The town is wrought with discordance  and - with Barry's death- the townspeople wage a war against one another about whom will fill his parish council seat.

It may be unfair, but the subject matter does not amuse or excite me.  Of course, this is R.K. Rowling, and I honestly believe that someone with her phenomenal skill set cannot turn out an inferior novel.  I am going by my gut at this point, with little information.

I suppose I had hoped it would be another fantasy, something I could drown my worries when reading, but I don't get that warm and fuzzy about this new novel.  

My gut also tells me there will be lots of disappointed readers from the standpoint of the subject matter.  I believe that when you have winner, go with it, and don't change course mid-stream.  Rowling's found a winner in the Harry Potter series, and while she could not continue writing endless books about Harry, she definitely could embrace the whimsical, and magical elements that we so loved about this novel.

Time will tell, for Rowling's.  There is no way she will ever be a failure, she has earned her place in history as a remarkable writer.  I admire and love her style, and am hoping she will surprise everyone with her new effort.

Adios, Harry!

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