Reinventing Yourself

Marriane Faithful and Mick Jagger, circa 1960's

Captain  C.B. Sullenberg just introduced a new book: What it Means to Be a Genuine Leader;  Marianne Faithful has forged a new career in art: Innocence and Experience, Curated by Marianne Faithful.

Captain C.B. Sullenberg,
Captain Sullenberg, you recall, became America's hero, when he skillfully landed a plane on the Hudson River.   Marrianne Faithful, was everybody's sweetheart and Mick Jagger's girlfriend in the 1960's.  Both Captain Sullenberg and Marianne Faithful were at the end of their careers, but decided to reinvent themselves.

Granted, Faithful already had achieved success-skyrocketing to fame when she hit American airwaves singing the Rolling Stones song  As Tears Go By.  American was seduced by her coy and feminine manner, and angel-soft voice.

Captain Sullenberg, on the other hand, was a successful pilot whom had training in emergency maneuvers and just happened to be the right captain for the challenge when he landed a jet on the Hudson River.

What a perfect opportunity for him to write about about his insight into leadership.

Then there is John Walsh.  John lost his son Adam to a predator in a Sear's store back in 1980's.  As a public relations practitioner, the tragedy opened a new door for him as a television host on America's Most Wanted.

However, people like you and I are also discovering new careers, and hidden talents, just when we think it is time to settle down and fade into the sunset.

Maybe you, too, have had a tragedy in your life- and want to give up. Perhaps, you can't see the door that is open for you because of the tragedy.

I had spent half my life in mall marketing and non-profit public relations work.  Just before I turned 50, I felt a burn out, I wanted to do something that would put me in charge of my own destiny.  So I went into real estate. I did that for 8 years.  I am now ready to try another hat on, and do something new!

I often said, I am afraid my epitaph will read:  Here lies a woman who never lived up to her potential.  I don't want that to happen.  My secret dream has always been writing.  I have wanted to be a writer since I was in high school.  I was often discouraged, because very few writers were successful.

So I have come full circle now.  I am doing what I have always wanted to do.

I have always felt there is a part of myself that is not fulfilled.  Now, regardless of what happens with my writing, I feel good knowing I have not put it off any longer.

So what is it you want to do?  Is there a secret dream you have, and are putting it off?

I can't think of a better time than now to throw your hat in the ring!

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