What it Takes to Rule the World

In watching the news coverage on Dick Clark last night, a clip of Madonna was shared of her in one of her first appearances, being interviewed by Clark.

It was no surprise when Clark asked her, "are you afraid?" (referring to her new found success and upcoming performances), with which she replied; "not really, I have always had self confidence."

That struck a note with me.  I think it answers the question of what quality determines success.

Self confidence.

If you don't have it, you won't get very far.  As for myself, I faked it, all my life.   I apparently did a very good job of it,  because I usually got the job I was after.  Trouble, is, if you don't really have self confidence, it eventually will come back to bite you, no matter what the endeavor.

How do you get self confidence?  First, the most conventional way to obtain it is from excellent parents'.  Parents' that remind you as a wee little one how extraordinary you are.  If your parents' don't have self confidence themselves, that may be a liability to you.

Other people, do not have a conventional upbringing, and just seem to have the "it"  factor.  They scratch and claw their way into life, setting their sights on a goal and winning.

I call them the fighters.

Their motivation is to prove to themselves and the world that they are winners. They are achievers.  They have their handicaps, but refuse to be vulnerable.  This is commonly referred to as over compensation.

I think I fall into that category.

The danger of faking self confidence is that it will eventually sabotage your work and life.  For example, in making decisions, you will find yourself questioning whether you made the right ones.  You will seek other counsel instead of relying on your own judgment.

People with self confidence, achieve what they want - because they know that they are right.  Against all odds, they pursue their goals and see success at the end.

It is almost impossible to acquire self confidence if you don't have it in the first place.  You can get better, but you always will have the inner voice questioning:

  •  Did I do a good job? 
  •  Make the right decision?
  •  Pick the right partner?

When Madonna ended her interview with Clark, she said, "I want to rule the world."

There is no question she has accomplished her goal.

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