Does Your Facebook Page Enhance Your Professional Image?

Employees may be scrutinized by their social media sites.  But should you really be concerned?  Look at the percentages of  companies that evaluated potential job candidates on their social media web sites: Here's What hiring Managers Actually Look For In Your Facebook Profile.

There are rumblings about managers looking at social media to evaluate potential hires.  If candidates' are foolish enough to post inappropriate information - or suggestive material on their sites- they should be concerned.

Good taste should be the rule.

I believe that social media sites, such as Facebook, provide a window into a candidate's personality; they can help hiring Managers determine if the potential employee is a good fit for the company.  For example: artwork, movies, family activities are all examples of sharing personal interests.  This kind of information can be very positive - portraying you as family oriented and well rounded.

I have posted religious photos on my site, and realize that is a no-no.  Religious beliefs can make me vulnerable in my job search quest.   I am aware of this risk, but chose to go ahead and post them anyway.

Where is gets dicey is when expletives are used on social media, provocative photos, obsessive  interests, for example; excessive discussion about weapons and explosives will probably not sit well with a potential employer.

It comes down to exercising good common sense.  I often forget that so many intelligent people lack common sense.  Whenever I post anything on my Facebook page, I always try to assess how that will be interpreted by my audience.  If I have any concerns, I just don't post the comment or article.

Actually, there are a lot of positives about having a presence in social media.  Your connections, for example, may be to prominent business people, your interests may tie into a company's mission.  Those examples may get you the key to the washroom door.

So, the next time you want to post something wild on your Facebook page, think about how it will impact your professional image and ask:

Will this post elevate my professional status? Or will it jeopardize that job or promotion I have long sought?

One final thought:  In this competitive job market, it just may come down to having good luck anyway.

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