Duped by PayPal Scheme

The email hadn't dried on my post on Internet Seduction when I received this:

Dear Customer, You have added aidound@gmail.com as a new email address for your PayPal account. IP connection: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXConnection Time: 24-04-2012 2:32:07 If you did not authorize this change,check with family members and others who
mayhave access to your account first.If you still feel that an unauthorized person has changed your email: *Please download and unzip the form attached to your email.*Submitting this form will automatically restore your original PayPal account
email. Thank you.

There was an attachment with this email - with the PayPal logo - asking me for my social security number, address, email and credit card authorization number.  

I was floored.  

I  forwarded this to spoof@paypal.com .  I received an email back, advising me that this was a  phishing attempt- thanking me for sending it on the PayPal security.  

Does it ever end?

I can understand how one can be easily duped.  These emails appear so innocent, so professional.  It is easy to panic and have a knee-jerk reaction when reading.

I am going to continue to use PayPal,  as my transactions have been secure thus far.
However, I think it important I share this with you:

  • Contact the vendor in question when you get an email like this
  • Check directory assistance or validate the correct telephone and email information on your statement.
  • Finally, report the incident once you validate the vendor credibility

I know we can beat these scammers at their own game.  

Let's fight the Internet seduction together.


  1. Still had a request for €200 from him today! (I don't owe him that money) I was wise enough to not send it to him...

  2. Jus received the same email, forwarded to spoof@paypal