Internet Seduction

I think there's more money in being a scammer than in having a legitimate job.  Consider the latest expose' of these twin brothers: teen-twins-nabbed-in-robot-stock-pick-scam/

Seems these British teens had put together a stock newsletter and charged $47.00 a pop for tips on the hottest stocks.  Additionally, they were being paid under the table to promote a third party's stock on the side!

I wonder, at  what age do people become criminals?  It seems that they must have started as toddlers.  Just picking up the paper, or browsing the Internet, people can pick out at least a dozen or more different types of criminal activity.   In as much as the Internet has open new doors for businesses and new ventures, it has also compromised the safety of the public.

Every time I am asked for a password on a site, I shudder.  I know that nothing is sacred on the net.  Anyone can get any information they want using unsavory methods to hack into accounts.  Still, I give in to laziness and continue to do everything on line.  The Internet is so seductive, it makes everything so easy.  You can shop, bank, send money, get money, find love and just about anything else.

Here's my thinking: why get in your car to run errands when you can sit in your jammie's and do it all at home?  So, with the wonder and ease of on-line marketing and selling, we are left vulnerable.

I always think about how much I am willing to lose if things go south with any transaction.  Not that I have a lot to lose, but identity theft can cost one quite a bit.  Even if I do not have disposable income,  for example, my credit and all my personal information can be stolen in less than a minute.

Hmmm. so, I am not giving a second thought to paying my Nordstrom's online.  Just one of my many bill's that I   click to pay.

After all,  it is so much easier than buying a stamp and having to walk to the mailbox.

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