85 Seconds into Orbit, a Bust for North Korea

North Korea is at it again; thankfully, this time the launch failed 85 seconds into orbit:  official-north-Korea-missile-launch-expected-in-next-24-to-48-hours/
I don't like this at all. The Koreans' want us to blow this off, and look the other way. They are trying to make light of it. it is feared that it may contain Uranium which would indicate North Korea has a facility hidden away.  The trajectory, originally  scheduled to be a long one, ended in seconds after lift off.  Apparently, they have not done their homework on this one.    
The launch, put Koreans' in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions, which prohibit Korea from testing ballistic missiles. They have already performed two nuclear tests with plutonium.
It irks me that we have to sit back and take it on the chin. It seems like this should be addressed again by the United Nations. It is a risk to us globally. The time to nip this in the bud is now. We can't give them a pass on this issue. It is just going to get bigger and better next time.
The fact that we are in close touch with Asian nations is no comfort to me at all. We need to stop this launch, now.
North Korea is placating us by saying that this launch is simply a satellite,  Shining Star;  put into orbit as a 100 year celebration commemorating its' founder, Kim Il Sung. The experts maintain that while this missile probably has a satellite attached to it, it may be a ploy to test long range missile capability.
This is not going away anytime soon. It is an issue that needs to be addressed and resolved now.  The  next launch is expected to be far more threatening.
My gut tells me trouble is brewing - and I hope it doesn't land in my horizon.

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