War Dogs

America has always been proud of our soldiers, who fight selflessly to preserve our freedom.  However, apparently no recognition is given to their four-legged partners;' Soldier Dogs' and their handlers.

These dogs fight by our mens' sides, willingly risk their lives' to save our soldiers', and are not even recognized.
Air Force Sargent Blake Olsen, serving in Afghanistan was awarded a Purple Heart. His canine partner, Blek, was also injured, but received nothing in return.
"Dogs are soldiers too.  They give up their whole lives for this," Olson says.  "Not to be recognized officially is a slap in the face."
Just recently, legislation was introduced into Congress: The Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act H.R. 4103 - S.2134.  This legislation, if passed, would afford military dogs the well deserved recognition they have rightfully earned.

Frankly, I was amazed that this legislation has not already been enacted.  Police dogs serving the cities around the United States are recognized as full partners' to our police.

Why not military dogs?

These animals have faithfully served our  men way back to WW1, when a solider smuggled his pet pit pull overseas.

The pet, Sgt. Stubby, was to serve as a companion to the men.  However, he had saved so many lives, he was taxidermied  and currently is on display at the Smithsonian Institute.

This was 85 years ago, however, the war dog program purportedly did not begin until WW2.

Looking at the faces of these loyal canine soldiers makes me sad, and more so now that I know they serve without recognition.

I personally want to get on the bandwagon - to get these humble canines recognized with their solider partners- rightfully earning their place in history, which they have earned.

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