Getting Food Creative

Part of what I enjoy most about life, (okay, I will anty up,  the best part ) is eating.  While I don't eat everyting, the things I enjoy most I really enjoy.

In preparing my favorite meals, there are usually wonderful sauces in the recipe.  For example, I have a killer pot roast recipe.  The sauce that is part of the this recipe is unforgettable.  However, I always have so much sauce left over, and I think, geez, that's a lot to freeze.  So why didn't I think about this:  Freeze sauces in ice cube trays for perfectly preserved single servings.

Now this is the idea!  That pot roast sauce, served as an ice cube is the perfect way to spice up my burger's, breakfast burritos, and other creations.  I also make a delicious lasagna- and have the same issue - too much left over and what do do with the excess.

Come to think of it, why not freeze mini-sized desserts this way?  Talk about a portion control!  On days I really want to splurge I can defrost three ice cubes of strawberry cobbler, cheesecake or cake!

I am on a roll these days, as I have lost 10 pounds.  All I needed to lose in the first place.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to lose those last 10 pounds?  It was easier than I thought when I realized what the problem was this;  huge portions.    Not to mention the nightly wine, and desserts!

I am really excited about this new idea.  Those Skinny Cow ice cream bars are getting boring,  and now I am motivated to stick to the perimeters of my weight control.

So off I go, am making my list of all the favorite foods I love, that can be frozen into cubes.

Is this called thinking outside the cube?

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