Pets Go to Heaven

If I get to go to heaven, I want to see all my pets there.   I had this discussion with our pastor, a Catholic priest, and he insisted that animals do not go to heaven because they don't have souls.  I want to believe they do, so this article made me smile: Rick Warren: Dogs go to heaven.

Anyone that has a love affair with a pet, understands this.  The most humble creatures, loving us unconditionally, how could they NOT be in heaven waiting on us?  When the world turns against me, and I am at the lowest ebb, I can look to my pets (especially my dog, Pepe), for the love to make it on to the next day.

I have discussions with him, and he looks at me with the biggest, most soulful eyes, as if to say:  I know, I understand, I am here for you.

Pepe's side kick, Coco

Pepe', relaxing on the couch
It is also nice that he has that teddy bear coat, the coat that all children go wild over.  When I walk him around my complex, I delight in the squeals that come out of every corner of the community:  Pepe! Pepe! the polar bear dog -you'd think he was a celebrity!

I took him up to our resort area in Estes Park.  This particular weekend, there were loads of Japanese tourists, they absolutely went wild.  Pepe', a Great Pyrenees Mountain dog, is extremely popular in Japan.  I was  exhausted following my stroll through the town.  I was stopped constantly and asked if I would let Pepe' pose for a picture!

Who says a dog's life is not exciting?

With this said, how can Pepe'  not go to heaven.  After all, heaven is everything wonderful and meaningful for us.  If dogs were an important part of our family, it stands to reason they would be waiting for us on the other side.

When I close my eyes for the last time, rather than go through that vacant, bright tunnel, I much prefer a big wet, kiss from Pepe'.

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